About 70km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City to the Northwest, Cu Chi Tunnels is a strong base of Military Committee Saigon - Gia Dinh Command, contributing to the reunification of the country. It is currently preserved in Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh areas.

What are attractive points of Cu Chi Tunnels?

Tourism activities have many on-going itineraries and are closely followed by guides throughout the journey. Most visitors will discover underground tunnels and places on the ground.

During the tour, visitors will see secret paths to the tunnel. To ensure safety, please only go down when guides are available.

Amusement area

There are loads of activities here, including cycling, swimming, camping, boat rowing, canoeing, or duck (swan) riding. You have to buy tickets for most of the games. Do not forget to experience the cool atmosphere on the Saigon River. Some games that you can't ignore like are 

War simulation game: you will participate in removing and assembling guns, fighting with fake guns and shooting sports defense.

Camping and picnic by the river. It is a favorite activity for many tourists, especially families or groups of friends. Before you go, you should prepare camping tents and necessary items.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

Explore underground tunnels

Before the tour, the tour guide will let you see documentary footage of the evolution of the war in Cu Chi Tunnels as well as the introduction of history and tunnel systems.

The tunnel system is deep in the ground with a length of up to 250 km. However, now the tunnel system for visitors is just a small branch in the old Cu Chi tunnels.

In the low and dark Cu Chi tunnels, there are sections where you have to bend over even cows and crawl in a dark, narrow space, causing many people to have a little fear and excitement. 

Here, every corner, each interconnected road like spider web connected with meeting rooms, war invalids, storage cellars, weapons manufacturing, dormitory rooms, or teaching rooms.

Similarly, Ben Dinh Tunnels is the command base of Cu Chi Party Committee. Here, you will visit the system of tunnels, accommodation, activities, meetings, weapons manufacturing tunnels, self-created weapons showrooms. 

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

Also, you will be given an additional view of the wildlife rescue station, the local hall to show the resistance materials of our people, the Hoang Cam military kitchen, the military uniform for the soldiers, the sandals whiskers from rubber tires, cafeterias, weapons manufacturing tunnels, ambulance tunnels, and display areas of tunnels, removing dead weapons (such as guns, grenades, bombs, mines, artillery pieces). 

Exciting experiences in Cu Chi Tunnels

You will feel excited to try your marksmanship at the shooting school of Cu Chi sports defense. When participating, you will become soldiers fighting in the natural forest, fully equipped with masks, uniforms, armor, and weapons are AR15 or AK47 guns. Also, you can also test marksmanship when shooting according to military standards. 

You can also bathe in the swimming pool built in a separate architectural style close to nature, with an area of 150m2 for children and 500m2 for adults. The swimming pool has a circulating water filtration system with new technology, ensuring hygiene safety.