Cu Lan Village is an eco-tourism site located about 25km from Dalat city center, the tourist area is surrounded by primitive pine forest. The center of the Cu Lan tourist area is a valley with dreamy lakes, a small stream and architectural buildings with the appearance of traditional houses of ethnic minorities here.

Cu Doi village is situated in the foot of Langbiang mountain since the 1960s, during that time the native K'Ho people often hunted and collected "Cu Lan" which is a kind of animal similar to mouse to bring to Dalat to sell. Cu Lan is a very gentle animal, they only live mainly at night and are unable to defend themselves, when in danger the Cu Lan will cover their eyes with their hands so that they will not see the danger,  so for them, covering their eyes means no danger. Currently Cu Lan has been included in the red book of Vietnam, they are in the category of rare and precious animals at risk of extinction.

Mixing with the quiet and unspoiled space of Cu Lan village will help you forget all the troubles of life. From the village gate you have two ways to visit the village, you can choose the jeep vehicle to move down to the village along the rough and rocky road and cross the fast-flowing springs to experience the feeling of adventure with the majestic mountains, or you can walk on the paths with two sides are beautiful blooming Kim Cuu flowers.