Located on the outskirts of Dalat, Elephant waterfall recently has become an attractive spot for tourists to discover the beautiful and spectacular natural scenery.

Located 25 km southwest of Dalat city, Elephant waterfall is also referred to as the Lung Rowoa waterfall - one of the three largest ones of Lam Dong province, with a height of up to 30 meters and a width of more than 15 meters. With its unspoiled and majestic beauty, this waterfall is always in the bucket list of many tourists looking to the suburban areas of Dalat.

Like many famous waterfalls, this place is also associated with the legends of the K'ho ethnic people about the faithful and tragic love of the female crying over her lover who sacrificed himself in battle. It causes heaven and earth shook, the elephants kneeling down and then petrifying before the intense love of her. That's why the waterfall is called Elephant waterfall.

The beauty of Elephant Waterfall

The beauty of Elephant waterfall

Where is the Elephant waterfall?

This waterfall is located in Gia Lam commune, Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province. Located right next to the town but so far, the pristine natural beauty of this place is still preserved entirely intact.

In 2001, the Elephant waterfall was also recognized as a national landscape relic. Since then, this tourist destination in Dalat has become more and more popular among tourists, especially those who love to discover and experience new lands.

Explore the majestic waterfall

The scenery in the waterfall

The scenery in the waterfall

From the national highway going into this location, you will immediately enjoy the fresh air surrounding here, erasing the hot and tired feeling of the long trip. From the entrance, turn left along the solid concrete road about 20 meters, you'll see the waterfall right before your eyes through a mist of steam rising from the waterfall. The flow of water overflows, creating a torrential and exciting spectacle.

145 winding steps connect the foot and the top of the waterfall. The stone steps are attached to the rugged cliffs, and sometimes the steps are the wooden boards on edge. From above, you can view the beauty of the lush greenery far away, where the hundred-year-old ancient trees with unremarkable vines, creating a more mystical and periodic scenery for the landscape here.

Following those steps, you'll gradually go down to the waterfall where there are huge rocks sprawling, covered with a layer of green moss. It makes many people think of giant elephants in the legend of this waterfall.

Visiting Elephant waterfall

Visiting Elephant waterfall

Not only that, the foot of the waterfall is a hidden place of an incredibly mysterious cave. It is the Bat cave, located 50 meters deep from the ground. In the cave's mouth, there is a variety of twisting roots and creepers. The deeper you go, the colder you will feel from the waterfall and the ground, but those things make the journey to discover the waterfall become more attractive.