Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda, also known as Chinese Pagoda or Phat Tram Pagoda, is a famous place to visit with spiritual space located separately and quietly amidst Dragon hill.

In Da Lat tourism, Chinese Pagoda is a place you should not miss. This place is not only a pure space, a place to wash one's mind but also a value of ancient architecture. With an aerial view, the pagoda will bring visitors moments of relaxation and peace.

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda history

In 1958, Thien Vuong Pagoda was built of wood and corrugated iron.

In 1989, the pagoda was restored by Mr. Le Van Canh, built with bricks and survived until now.

Currently, the pagoda is invested carefully, with a sanctuary style surrounded by a garden. It is a tourist attraction in Da Lat and also a place to worship Buddha.

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda is located on Dragon hill

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda is located on Dragon hill

The meaning of its names

This pagoda has quite a few names, of which each one has its own meanings.

Chinese Pagoda: This name is probably to mark the existence of a Chinese community who used to live here and build this pagoda. Currently, all monks in Thien Vuong Co Sat are fluent in Cantonese.

Thien Vuong Co Sat: The pagoda has such this name because, in Tu Bi Shrine, it worships the Four Heavenly Kings (Thien Vuong), including Tang Truong King, Tri Quoc King, Quang Muc King, and Da Van King.

Phat Tram Pagoda: This name is associated with 3 Buddha statues at Quang Minh Shrine. These 3 statues were taken by a monk of Da Thinh family from Hong Kong. Of which, each one weighs more than 1,500kg and is made entirely from agarwood.

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda's architecture

From the front of the pagoda gate, which is often called the three-arched-entrances gate, looking at the pagoda, you will feel very quiet and solemn with tall old trees, creating a cooling and airy space. The pagoda was built in the style of a Chinese pagoda.

Tourists will see the Chinese features in the pagoda's architecture

Tourists will see the Chinese features in the pagoda's architecture

After stepping through the three-arched-entrances gate, proceeding to the main hall, visitors will see a sign with the words meaning "Tu Bi Shrine." In the center of the shrine is a golden statue of Maitreya Buddha, about 3 meters high. On both sides are four tall august statues of the Four Heavenly Kings. On the left, there is a room housing a magical turntable.

Going behind the Tu Bi Shrine, you will see Quang Minh Shrine. In this place, there are three agarwood statues called Tay Phuong Tam Thanh. In the middle is the Amitabha statue, on the left is the Bodhisattva statue, and on the right is the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva statue. Each one is 3m tall, 1,500kg weight, and is made from agarwood in Hong Kong in 1958.

Behind Quang Minh Shrine, there is a meditating statue of Shakyamuni Buddha which is about 10m high. Behind the statue are 9 reliefs describing 9 dragons called Nine Dragons with different postures and shapes.

Thien Vuong Pagoda highlights

Although the history of the pagoda is less than a century, the pagoda still impresses travelers by 3 agarwood Buddha statues, of which each one is 3m high, 1.5 tons weight, and a miraculous turntable (When you place your hand on the table, the table will automatically move). These are two attractions appealing tourists come to visit and worship Buddha.

After walking around the pagoda, you can go to see this famous magical turntable to check it out. What makes it interesting is that the table is self-rotating when people place a hand on the surface.

The magical turntable in Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

The magical turntable in Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

Initially, it will slowly rotate and gradually turning faster. When the table is rotating, if you turn your hand up, the table will automatically rotate in the opposite direction. When you remove your hand, it will stop.

Location of Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

The pagoda is located at No. 385, Khe Sanh street, ward 10, Da Lat city, Lam Dong. Thien Vuong Co Sat is located right in the center of Dalat city, 1.5 km from Xuan Huong lake, 3.5 km from Dalat market, 7 km from Cam Ly airport, and 3.2 km from Da Lat inter-province bus station.

How to go to Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

If you come to Da Lat by passenger bus, after leaving Da Lat inter-province bus station, you go to To Hien Thanh street and turn left through April 3rd street, run straight to the intersection, then turn right on Tran Hung Dao street. After that, you drive straight and turn right at Khe Sanh street. You keep going about 350m to see a sign wrote Thien Vuong Co Sat pagoda.

If you come to Da Lat by plane, then from Cam Ly airport, you turn left to Hoang Van Thu street and then Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao, and Khe Sanh to Thien Vuong Co Sat pagoda.