Van Village is a quiet village located at the foot of Pu Van mountain at the birthplace living of Thai ethnic people. The village currently has 94 households, of which Thai people account for 99%. Thai people in Van village live mainly on rice cultivation, animal husbandry and traditional occupations such as weaving and knitting. The modern stilt houses still retain traditional features.

Coming to Van village, visitors will have the chance to enjoy unique dishes of Thai people such as sticky rice, grilled fish, or bamboo tube rice - specialties that are indispensable in the holidays.

Here, visitors will see the stilted houses on the bamboo ridge, the foot of terraced fields winding around the village or corn fields to create poetic natural scenery.

Walking around the village, visitors will witness the daily life of local people. With the characteristics of a highland village, Van village is preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values, boosting community-based tourism and becoming an ideal destination for both domestic and international tourists.